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Speaker's Bureau
At Williams, Birnberg & Andersen, L.L.P., we recognize that we have a vital obligation to participate in community affairs.
Information Topics
One of the ways in which we can (and do) participate in community affairs is to make our lawyers available to speak on various subjects to organizations or groups wanting to learn more about areas in which our attorneys have particular knowledge or information. Our Speaker's Bureau is available to make presentations (free of charge, of course) on the topics identified on this page and on a number of other topics which might be of interest. We can be contacted via the email link below or you can click on a topic to make arrangements or discuss other areas we can address.

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Recent Supreme Court Cases: A survey of recent decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States on a subject matter of interest to the particular audience.
Attorneys Fee Awards: Discussion of federal court decisions concerning the award of attorneys fees to a prevailing party.
Bush v. Gore: Analysis of arguably the most important Supreme Court decision of the past 100 years.
Civil Rights Law: Exploration of the current state of the law in civil rights areas of particular concern or interest to the audience.
Health Care Fraud Litigation: Explanation of the False Claims Act and other laws available to redress fraud in the health care (Medicare) area.
Qui Tam and Whistle Blower Lawsuits: The history and operations of lawsuits brought on behalf of private citizens to recovery money owed to the government and to protect employees who blow the whistle on governmental wrongdoing.
Community Associations: Explanation of the rights of both homeowners and subdivision or condominium associations, especially regarding deed restrictions and assessments.
Estate Planning: An overview of the Texas intestacy laws explaining how the Texas Legislature has pre-determined the scheme for distributing the estate of persons who do not have a Last Will & Testament, and a discussion of simple estate planning.
Mediation: How the mediation process can achieve resolution of disputes and lawsuits in a cost effective way.
Arbitration: An introduction to this extra-judicial process and the procedures by which an increasing number of disputes are being resolved.
Election Law & The Political Process: An overview of State and Federal election law and a discussion of the political process.
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